What is the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village?

The Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village presents the history of Ukrainian settlement in East Central Alberta from 1892 to 1930. In presenting the pioneering experiences of Ukrainian Settlement in East Central Alberta, the site employs a “living history” approach so that visitors can experience history in a very direct and personal way. In addition to regular programming at the site, Special Events are organized to highlight the village at certain times of the year.


To enhance Special Events, a Village Market was established to encourage participation of individuals from local communities to become more involved in the site and to provide a venue that promotes local artisans and vendors. The basic criteria for participation in the Village Market are that items sold share and/or connect with the historical, ethical, agricultural or related aspects of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village.

It is at the discretion of the Executive Director of the Friends Society to reject a merchant that does not abide by the conditions outlined below. Village Markets will be held on the established Special Events Days throughout the summer season.

2019 Special Event Dates

  • Monday, May 20 (Celebration of Spring)
  • Sunday, June 23 (Vintage Day and Friends Ukrainian Music Festival)
  • Sunday, August 18 (Ukrainian Day)
  • Sunday, September 8 (Harvest of the Past & Harvest Food Festival)

Market Vendors will receive:

  • Two free gate admissions on the market day when they will be participating.
  • A booth consisting of a table, table sign and one chair.
    • The booth will be assigned once the agreements and arrangements have been made. Our goal is to give all vendors a chance to sell their products at various locations in the market according to your needs and placement requests.
  • The ability to establish your own individual prices.

Market Vendors will be required to:

  • Complete the market application form yearly stating which special event and non-event weekends you will attend.
  • Prepay–with either MasterCard or VISA—to the Friends of the Ukrainian Village Society for a booth in the market. Booth requests will not be processed until payment has been received. Booths cost $30.00 (plus GST) per booth per day for all Special Event Days. Please remember if you set up a table in the Village Market, whether it is for an hour or six hours, you will be charged the full booth fee for that day.
  • Provide your food permit with their application as required by the Alberta Health Services (if applicable). Vendors must at all times comply with all rules, regulations and laws (municipal, provincial, federal, fire and health) and are required to meet health food standards as per the Alberta Food Regulations and Public Health Act.
  • Carry Comprehensive General Liability Insurance; the vendor shall be liable for all loss, damage, injury, claim cost and expenses caused by any person or property in any circumstances by the vendor.
  • The Friends of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village shall not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the property of the vendor, employees or its representatives.
  • Be set up to open by 9: 00 am at Special Events Days and not remove your items from the market before 4:30 pm. Please notify the Friends if you require equipment to be dropped off prior to the event.
  • Be professional in your appearance, the appearance of your table (including your products) and in your conduct in the marketplace.
  • Provide your own change for customers (the Museum Shop will not provide change to Village Market Vendors).
  • Sell items other than those available in the Museum Store, unless you have received prior written approval from the Executive Director.
  • Dress accordingly for the weather. Some tables do not have shelter from the weather so please pack your sun screen, sun hat, and umbrella. We have a limited number of stand-up umbrellas for your convenience.
  • Contact 662.3855 Ext. 1111 or [email protected] at least 5 days in advance if you wish to cancel.

Other important rules:

    • All visitors must park their vehicles in the designated public parking lot after items have been unloaded.
    • Only booked performers will be allowed to play music in the courtyard.
    • The consumption of alcoholic beverages on site is strictly prohibited. Vendors are not permitted to sell alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages to the attending public. This includes coffee, tea, juice, pop, beer, wine, or hard liquor.
    • Animals are not permitted onsite.
    • Smoking is not permitted in the vicinity of the Village Market.
    • Not all tables in the Ukrainian Village Courtyard are a part of the Village Market. Some may belong to Special Events displays or Friends of the Ukrainian Village Society promotions. These tables will be clearly marked.

For further questions or concerns, please contact our office at (780) 662-3855 ext. 1111 or [email protected]

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